Hi, I'm Amar.
Thanks for stopping by.

Iā€™m a student at the University of Michigan with a passion for computer science & design. On the side, I'm a crazy music fanatic.

Peer2Peer ā€“ an app that connects tutors to students.

Peer2Peer is an iOS app that connects volunteer tutors to students in need of academic help based on subjects, physical proximity, and our intelligent ratings system.

Peer2Peer was submitted to the 2016 Congressional App Challenge, won 1st in the 18th Congressional District of California, and received recognition from Congresswoman Anna Eshoo. Additionally, Peer2Peer was mentioned in an article in The Mercury News.

Peer2Peer was created in collaboration with Anuv Gupta and Arnav Gudibande. On the team, I was the iOS developer & designer. In addition, I created creative content including this ad (which includes a demo of the app).

We've released the source code for Peer2Peer publicly here.

Disco ā€“ social song queues for parties.

Disco is an iOS and web app that allows users to create collaborative playlist queues. Users can join parties and suggest songs to be played. Other users can vote on a song, and the highest voted song will be taken off the queue and played next.

Disco was written in Swift. It uses the Spotify API for its music library and the backend runs on NodeJS using Socket.IO for realtime communication.

AJRNight ā€“ Lightweight iOS framework for adding night mode to projects.

AJRNight is a lightweight iOS framework for adding night mode (or different themes) to an app easily.

This was my first (and admittedly rough) contributiuon to the open-source community. Since then I have contributed to several projects including cms and redash.